About Us
RKCJ Hall, Inc. is a family owned business located in Key West, Florida with offices in Fort Pierce, Florida and Kokomo, Indiana. The company is managed by Candice J. Hall, President, Bob Hall, Vice President and Ellie Maxwell, Vice President.  Candy has over 35 years bookkeeping and office management experience including working for Fortune 200 companies, small businesses and as founder/owner of RKCJ Hall, Inc. in 1993. Bob spent eight years in sales and management with Xerox Corporation and over 20 years as Regional Manager and Vice President in the  incentive/recognition and marketing consulting industry. Ellie's background includes fives years in the incentive marketing industry and over five years as a developer of applications (Apps) for Apple IOS and Android mobile platforms. She is also a certified MCSE. Our combined experience allows us to offer client companies the benefits of working with a corporate mindset without the trappings of a strict corporate culture. What this means is that we provide our clients' the same great service as the big companies but without the red tape and procedures it takes to get decisions made and 'things done.'

Simply put, we do really good work and always deliver to our clients more than we promise. We refuse to play the role of a pretentious consulting or accounting firm. We canít pull it off because itís not who we are. We wear jeans and flip flops to work EVERY day not just on Fridays. After years of working in accounting, creative services, employee incentive and recognition and product marketing, we learned that our philosophy of doing business wasnít shared by many companies. We never had any dreams of being the biggest company in the segments we serve. Why?  Because good business isnít about being the biggest ó itís about delivering solutions that are brand appropriate, on time and on budget and helping not only ourselves, but more importantly our customers put more dollars on the bottom line.

Company Information

RKCJ Hall, Inc. company principals have over 50 years experience in the bookkeeping, office services and applicant screening and creative marketing industries and our expertise and use of state-of-the-art technology allow us to deliver on-target, results oriented services and programs to large and small organizations alike.

RKCJ Hall, Inc.
Founded:  1993
Headquarters:  Key West, FL
Operations:  Fort Pierce, FL
Sales Office: Kokomo, IN
Clients:  Over 220 in 32 states
Core Competencies:   Drug & Alcohol Testing
                              Background Checks
                              Mystery Shopping
                              Bookkeeping & Office Services

Contact Information
RKCJ Hall, Inc.
P.O. Box 2729
Key West, Florida  33045
Telephone: 305-294-7177
Toll Free: 1-800-446-3656

E-mail: bob@rkcjhall.com